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Technicians are hard to find. We work with Alarms, CCTV, Intercoms.
All Alarms supports new & old residential & commercial systems.

We are skilled & qualified security advisors, licensed, insured & registered for installations & repairs. Representing the interests of body corporates, real estate agencies, owners & tenants alike in an equitable & professional manner.

We are all technicians & tradesman. We do not employ sales people – All advice & estimates are provided by the people who do the work.


Alarms protect person & property. Back to base & self-monitoring is proven to minimise risk & defend against intruders. Business is your livelihood & your home is your castle. Prevention REALLY IS better than cure.

Your alarm tells you to check your CCTV for intruders if communications are enabled. We routinely connect alarms for communications so you can be notified directly & quickly.

High Resolution IR 6-22MM


Cameras connect usually through a hard-wired cable back to a screen & or recording device (DVR/NVR). Now days most are an integrated design. Commonly incorporating infrared technology, vandal & weather resistance. Businesses have digital recording systems integrated as part of their health & safety plans. Current trends are for 30 days or more to be available for investigation.

Combined with off-site viewing, time & date stamps this makes cameras practical & realistic for workplaces & homes alike. Homes are the new frontier for personal protection. Most CCTV systems are connected to the internet & viewable on multiple smartphones.


Knowing who is & was at your premises is an integral part of your security strategy. Intercoms enable you to hear, see & allow entry to closed or locked areas from a secure position, some models take a snapshot or short video when triggered.

New IP systems connect hardwired or with Wi-Fi enabling push notifications to your smartphone allowing real time video & audio communications to your front door monitor.