FAQ’s & Tips


Within 24 hours we will contact the nominated person as long as correct details have been supplied or entered.

All new & replacement parts have minimum 1 year warranties & workmanship 1 year as well.

We travel to most of metropolitan Melbourne – see “About Us” page for more info.

Yes we supply & fit new alarm & camera systems tailored for your needs.

We specialise in repairing existing & older systems, if practical & parts are available we can repair many common faults.

The first thing is buy good quality surface/insect spray (lasts up to 6 months) & spray around – NOT on the sensors. If problems persist book a service call.

Yes many companies do – if yours does not find one that does. Additional discounts for back to base monitored alarms also apply.

Yes through our highly professional monitoring station both businesses & homes can be protected. Our policy is NO CONTRACTS for security monitoring just pay by the month.

The average lifespan is 3 years maybe more. Australian standards recommends a 12 month change over. A battery in good condition will help to protect your system from power failures – surges, black & brown outs.


Recorders should be kept in a well ventilated secure location. A pin number can prevent unauthorized use. A secure housing bolted to wall or floor provides another layer of protection.

Ensure cameras have a clear view. Remove obstructions, trim bushes & clear cobwebs regularly. Good lighting facing direction of view will improve night time picture quality.

Ensure gaps are consistent over time. If doors or windows are replaced consult your security technician at time of works. Perimeter arming is available with most alarms for night time.

Place in high visibility location. Do not wash with water hose or high pressure. Check strobe light & siren still work by testing regularly.

Provide separate power point dedicated for alarm if possible. Place next to alarm box.

Have alarm serviced regularly & have battery changed at the same time. Do not place battery in very hot or cold environments as the lifespan will be reduced.

The main panel should be located in the main part of the building(not under ground, in the roof or outside) & preferably covered by a motion detector.

Keypad should be kept clean to avoid obvious fingermarks. A motion detector can be placed to protect the keypad for ideal coverage.

Usually placed on ceiling in central position-over hard floor if possible to increase sound effect. Not recommended placed next to main alarm panel.

Must be located correctly-consult a security technician. Be careful of locations which have fish tanks, wood fired heaters, air conditioners west facing windows.

Clear & visible permanent markings on belongings can be a deterrent to theft making it hard to dispose of. Consider connecting a heat detector when installing an alarm that can communicate to the monitoring station in the event of a fire.

Keep tools in back shed with lock on the door. Ladders can also be used to gain access to your property & can be chained to a fence post with a padlock. Sensor lights should be installed, properly adjusted & maintained. Trim bushes & trees to allow clear line of sight & reduce light activation.

Always lock front & back doors when home-leave key in lock for quick exit in case of fire. Locks can be fitted on most types of windows with a 2nd position to allow airflow without a large opening for a burglar to climb in. Do not leave keys under the mat or in the letterbox. Buy the best quality locks you can afford.

Ask a neighbour/friend/family to empty your letterbox & put rubbish bins in or out. Test your alarm in the weeks leading up to holiday to avoid neighbours ignoring false alarms & to confirm it is in good working order. Get the alarm serviced or repaired before your trip.

Do not leave valuables in car at any time. Many new cars are almost impossible to steal so criminals will break in to your home looking for your car keys-even when you are home. They will also target cars left running & unattended. Like when you pay for petrol or go to the milk bar for less than a minute.

Do not leave garage door controllers in your car or anything that shows your home address.