Real Estate Services


After hours – Mob: 0425 709 060

When Booking on Site Service Technician:

  • Work order is emailed
  • Tenant is contacted
  • Usually within 24 Hours
  • A site visit is arranged/booked.
  • Tenant receives a courtesy call –
  • 30 minutes in advance on approach.
  • Job is done!
  • Invoice emailed to agent.
  • Residential & commercial services
  • for most makes & models

Assisting Agents:

We provide a prompt in person phone consultations to any agent – sales, leasing or renovations. Meaning problems with tenants, faults, upgrades addressed in real time. General questions answered quickly. Estimating repair works costs based on verbal information. Providing timing availability to attend sites.

We are skilled & qualified security advisors, licensed, insured & registered for installations & repairs. Representing the interests of body corporates, real estate agencies, owners & tenants alike in an equitable & professional manner.

We are all technicians & tradesmen. We do not employ salespeople – All advice & estimates are provided by the people who do the work.

We carry many common replacements parts & deal directly with trade only suppliers for genuine Australian stock & equipment.

Genuine parts warranties apply.

Agents We’ve Worked With


Usually need to be reset & reprogrammed due to codes being unknown or forgotten. False alarms & disturbing beeps & sirens overnight are common. A site visit can isolate the causes & enable solutions to be implemented.

Setting up home arming to protect residents whilst sleeping is very common. Backup rechargeable standardised batteries are carried at all times.


Often have wear & tear issues such as UV (sun) damage, weathering & insect/water penetration at & outdoor camera doorbells.

Also, buttons get worn out & speakers degrade over time.

Sometimes the internal units fail while the door station is fine.


Recorders & hard drives (HDD’s) fail routinely. Therefore, regular review of the memory is not only necessary but imperative. We can update settings that may improve quality & or length of recording.

Often cameras need adjusting & cleaning as well. Poor connections at the recorder as well as cameras are a common cause of dropouts.

Electric Locks

Can stand alone on doors with keypads in conjunction with powered strikes or Mag locks.

They may have push buttons to allow exit, glass breaks for emergencies & even backup power supplies.

Can also be integrated with intercoms as well- at homes, apartments & offices.


Alarms need general & routine maintenance including servicing main boards, testing supply & charging voltages as well as the functionality of end of line devices.

Such as motion detectors (PIR’s), door switches(reeds), smoke detectors, panic buttons, sirens & strobes.


Any works/orders that exceed our allotted budget or obviously require significant investment we will contact the agent or owner whilst onsite for instructions to proceed if parts in stock & the ability to finalise works are practical in real time.

Otherwise, we will make the site safe & estimate in writing.


All alarms can assist with upgrades, sales, renovations, insurance & remediation works.